Wish You Could See Behind Your Walls?

Pests Can’t Hide from Bio Green of Brevard

Bio Green of Brevard has the latest technology available to complete thorough termite inspections through your walls. Using our special sensor, we can find, identify, and verify the extent of termites and other creepy crawlers in the wall. The process is completely invasive as the sensor uses radar to “see” – no prying off drywall!

Termites can do severe damage to your home. Catch them before they make a meal out of your property! Other critters such as bed bugs pose a health concern for your loved ones. No need to rely on old methods of detection. Bio Green of Brevard brings you the most up-to-date technology in the pest control industry.

Why Have a Termite Inspection?

1. Radar Technology– the sensor uses non-invasive radar to see through common building materials to identify pest activity. No damage to your home, no dangerous chemicals, and fast results. Our technicians will view a live-stream of data which can be saved as reporting for further analysis.

2. Identification– our termite inspection technology can find more than just termites. We are able to locate ants, bed bugs, and even rodents behind your walls.

3. We’re Solution-Focused– using this advanced technology, we are better able to identify your pest control needs. We will analyze the data to develop a custom solution for your home.

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