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Save $20 on Your First Pest Control Service in Port St. John

Bio Green offers the best pest control services in Port St. John. With many years of experience taking care of rats, mice, termites, ants, and many other common pests, you can rely on our team will get the job done right.

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All Natural Options

The health of your loved ones and the environment are important to us! We use all-natural products that are pet-friendly and waterway safe.

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Free Re-treatments

We're not happy unless our customers are! If for any reason you are unhappy with our service, we are happy to re-treat for free.


Pest Control in Port St. John, FL

Bio Green of Brevard is your local pest control company! With over 11 years of experience, we are dedicated to providing top-notch services to our community.

Here are the pest control services we offer in Port St. John:

  • Residential Pest Control
  • Commercial Pest Control
  • Rodent Control
  • Termite Control
  • Bed Bug Control
  • Mosquito Control
  • Wasp Control

The warm climate creates a perfect breeding ground for bugs, but don't worry, our expert exterminators are here to help. Our organic treatments and waterway-safe products ensure the safety of your family and the environment. With next-day service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can trust us to restore your peace of mind. Contact us today for a pest-free home or business!

Your Local Exterminators in Port St. John

Are you tired of dealing with unwanted pests in your home? Look no further! With our top-notch pest control services in Port St. John, you can finally say goodbye to those pesky invaders for good.

Here's are some of the common household bugs we can help you with:

  • Ants
  • Roaches
  • Spiders
  • Silverfish
  • Fleas
  • Moths
  • And More!

Our experienced exterminators provide next-day residential pest control, ensuring that your home is protected from all common household pests. Whether you need a one-time treatment or recurring services, we've got you covered.

Family and Pet Safe Pest Control

Typically, the first thing to do during even a minor pest infestation is your peace of mind. At Bio Green of Brevard though, we’re here to help bring it back. Our safe pest control services are designed to keep your loved ones happy and healthy from the beginning of our treatments all the way to the very end. We use eco-friendly products to ensure the safety of our customers and the environment. From our carefully-chosen products to our conscientious techniques, you’ll be in good hands at every step of the process.

Termite Exterminator in Port St. John

We offer family-and-pet-friendly termite treatments from our expert termite exterminators. Say goodbye to those pesky termites for good with Bio Green of Brevard's Termidor termiticide service. Our comprehensive inspections and ongoing control and prevention plans will keep your home safe and termite-free in local, humid climate.

Discover the benefits of our termite control service:

  • Environmentally-safe treatment methods
  • Minimally-disruptive service
  • Flexible and adaptive termite control plans
  • Full radar-aided inspection for accurate termite detection
  • Protection from both dry wood and subterranean termites
  • Ongoing monitoring and prevention to ensure long-term termite protection

Don't let termites take over your home. Contact us today to get rid of termites and enjoy a termite-free home. Trust the local pros at Bio Green of Brevard to keep your home safe and your family protected.

Rodent Exterminator in Port St. John

Are rodents causing havoc in your home or business? Our expert rodent control service in Port St. John is here to help!

Check out what we offer:

  • Free rodent inspection to assess the situation
  • Exterior rodent baiting to prevent infestation
  • Recurring or one-time service options for ongoing protection

Say goodbye to rats and mice with our top-notch rodent removal services. Trust us to get rid of these pesky critters for good. Contact us today for a reliable rodent control service!

Bed Bug Exterminator in Port St. John

Are bed bugs keeping you up at night? Say goodbye to sleepless nights and get rid of bed bugs with our top-notch bed bug control service!

Here's why you should choose us:

  • Next-day bed bug inspection for quick relief
  • Family-friendly bed bug treatments for your peace of mind
  • Quarterly bed bug service to ensure year-round protection

Our bed bug exterminators in Port St. John use Aprehend natural insecticide for one-time treatment with a 30-day warranty. Sign up for our quarterly recurring service for extended protection. Don't let bed bugs take over your home, let us help you sleep soundly again. Request your free quote from us today!

Bio Green also offers pest control in Melbourne and the surrounding cities.

Veteran-Owned and Locally-Operated

At Bio Green of Brevard, we’re proud to be owned by veterans of America’s armed forces. Since we first opened our doors, the values gained during our time serving the country have helped guide us to becoming one of Florida's most trusted teams of exterminators. Today, we’re thrilled with how far we’ve come and we’re looking forward to showing you the difference that the highest standard of service can make in your life.

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5 Star Review

Serviced our community for the first time. Very considerate to me as president of my HOA. Answered every question I had so I could relate to my residents.

Jim Stephenson
Main Office
5 Star Review

Nick is a great tech. My lawn is great looking.

Jim Shiller
5 Star Review

We had one of the large, well known commercial entities doing our lawn and shrub treatments for roughly 2 years. The yard looked much the same after all their work and thousands of dollars later. We switched to BioGreen about 9 months ago. The yard is much improved and getting better. Lawn is green and filling in, weeds are minimal and holes in the leaves of our shrubs are no longer an issue. They do it right.

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Veteran Owned