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Save $20 on the Best Lawn Care Service in Titusville
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All Natural Options

The health of your loved ones and the environment are important to us! We use all-natural products that are pet-friendly and waterway safe.

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Free Re-treatments

We're not happy unless our customers are! If for any reason you are unhappy with our service, we are happy to re-treat for free.


Lawn Care in Titusville, FL

Everyone wants a healthy lawn, but not everyone has enough hours in the day to make it happen alone. That’s where a lawn service company like Bio Green comes in, partnering with you to save you time and deliver the lush lawn you desire! 

When you choose us for lawn care service in Titusville, you can count on:

  • Expert lawn care treatment from local, friendly lawn technicians.
  • Soil testing and pH balancing for targeted lawn treatments.
  • Seasonal fertilization to meet your turf’s changing needs.
  • Eco-, pet-, and family-friendly treatments to protect your family and environment.
  • Control of harmful weeds, pests, and fungus.
  • Free re-treatments between regular service visits if you’re unsatisfied. 
  • And more!

If you’re looking for a lawn care expert in Titusville to help your lawn reach its full potential, Bio Green has you covered. Our lawn care technicians have 11 years of experience supplemented by ongoing training, so they can deliver the best lawn care in Titusville!

Save $20 On Lawn Care

Waterway-Safe Treatments

What good is having a beautiful lawn if it contributes to killing the life in the surrounding environment? Here at Bio Green of Brevard, we value the rich aquatic life that Florida boasts. That’s why our lawn care specialists use natural products to minimize the harm to our sensitive, local waterways. Like you, we’re proud of where we live and want to protect our neck of the woods so our children and their children can also enjoy our local biodiversity.

Lawn Pest Control in Titusville, FL

You can take perfect care of your lawnfulfilling nutrition and watering needsonly to see annoying and destructive yard pests wreak havoc. Such bugs are notorious here in Florida, where they thrive all year and pose a serious threat to yards all over Brevard County. With the local experts at Bio Green on your side, you can keep your precious lawn safe from even the most aggressive pests like: 

  • Grubs
  • Chinch Bugs
  • Sod Webworms
  • Army Worms
  • Fire Ants
  • And more!

Our approach to lawn pest control in Titusville isn’t just the most effective one around, it’s also the safest! Our natural product options and proven methods are both pet and waterway-friendly and as a local veteran-owned lawn care company, you can depend on us to go above and beyond for you no matter what. Don’t let intrusive insects get comfortable on your lawn, contact us today!

Aeration in Titusville, FL

Unlock the full potential of your lawn with our top-notch lawn aeration service in Titusville. Our liquid aeration technique is a game-changer, providing you with quick and long-lasting results. Here's why you should choose our service:

  • Promotes Healthier Turf: Our liquid aeration process effectively breaks down soil compaction, allowing for greater rooting and nutrient absorption. Say goodbye to unhealthy root systems and welcome a lush, vibrant lawn.
  • Deeper Nutrient Release: By increasing the movement of air, water, and nutrients in your soil, our service ensures that your grass can absorb all the essential elements it needs for optimal growth. Watch your turf thrive like never before.
  • Quick Results: With our specialized liquid aeration technique, you'll start seeing noticeable improvements in your lawn in no time. Say goodbye to unsightly bare patches and hello to a more beautiful and well-maintained turf.
  • Long-Lasting Treatments: Unlike traditional core aeration methods, our liquid aeration service offers a more sustainable solution. Enjoy the benefits of improved drainage, reduced soil compaction, and easier mowing for the long haul.

Don't let your lawn suffer from neglect. Take action today and give your grass the boost it deserves with our professional lawn aeration service. Experience the difference and unleash the true potential of your Titusville lawn.

Read Our Online Reviews

5 Star Review

Freddy came out for inspection and recommended services. Very polite and informative. Spray tech came out and completed first round of treatment. Nice to work with a small local company rather than the big ones that only want your hard earned money

Jeff Ulbrik
Main Office
5 Star Review

We had one of the large, well known commercial entities doing our lawn and shrub treatments for roughly 2 years. The yard looked much the same after all their work and thousands of dollars later. We switched to BioGreen about 9 months ago. The yard is much improved and getting better. Lawn is green and filling in, weeds are minimal and holes in the leaves of our shrubs are no longer an issue. They do it right.

plane flyer
Main Office
5 Star Review

BioGreen has treated our avocado tree with neem oil - and our tree has been super productive! 340 fruits in 2022!

Karmel Sowers
Main Office
Veteran Owned