Lawn Care - Tree and Shrub Care

Bio Green of Brevard offers a complete specially blended fertilizer for all varieties of landscape plants, ornamentals, tropicals, shrubs, and trees.

Well-kept trees and shrubs work wonders for a home in need of curb appeal. However, they take a bit of an investment to cultivate and maintain. Without proper care, they become a prey to diseases and insects that can mar their looks and eventually kill them. Learn more about how Bio Green cares for trees and shrubs in and around Brevard County, Florida.

Types of Trees and Shrubs in Brevard County, Florida

Brevard County is blessed with a variety of landscapes from Mims to Melbourne. The types of native trees and shrubs that you’re likely to encounter here depends on your area’s location and soil type.

Hardiness zones are used to define areas that have certain climate conditions that promote plant survival. Brevard County cities generally fall into Zone 9 and Zone 10.

If you live near the beach in Zone 9, you can expect the soil to be neutral to alkaline and contain some salt. Trees that grow in this environment include the Florida Privet understory tree and the Saw Palmetto. Sea grape bushes are also common shrubs in this zone.

Much of Brevard County has wooded areas that are further inland. In these locations, you’ll find pine trees and Sparkleberry shrubs.

Some Zone 10 areas in Brevard County are surrounded by freshwater marshes. In these spots, you’ll find Coastal Plain Willow trees and Salt Bush shrubs.

Importance of Tree and Shrub Servicing

Trees and shrubs don’t just serve as ornamental landscape features. When used properly, they nurture people with healthy food, oxygen, and medicinals. At the end of their lives, trees are an important source of building materials for homes and furnishings. For all of those benefits, shrub and tree care is worth doing.

Bio Green applies blends of fertilizers to trees and shrubs at the appropriate phases in their life cycles. We also prune away dead or diseased branches to keep trees and shrubs healthy. Healthy trees and shrubs resist diseases that are common in and around Brevard County.

Damaging Insects and Diseases Trees and Shrubs Face in Florida

Florida’s sunny, warm climate attracts all kinds of insects. The type that causes the most damage are insect borers. These insects tunnel through wood and damage trees and shrubs. Many of them are considered to be secondary pests that only attack trees and shrubs that have been weakened by a disease.

Others are primary pests that destroy healthy trees and shrubs. Some common borer insects include Southern Pine, Bark, and Black Turpentine beetles. Common diseases that plague Florida trees include Oak Wilt, Fusiform Rust, and Annosus Root disease.

Our Tree and Shrub Care Treatment

Bio Green uses time-tested treatments to bring ailing trees and shrubs back to life. Our trained staff members inspect your property and offer customized shrub care and tree care to rid the landscape of harmful insects, mold, and fungi.

We focus on preventive tree and shrub care strategies that help your plants to maintain their health and resist diseases and pests.

Professional Tree and Shrub Care

Well-appointed trees and shrubs add texture and color to your property’s landscaping and help to clean the air in your community. Bio Green offers complete tree and shrub care to Brevard County residents and businesses. Schedule a tree care or shrub care with us today to help your landscaping reach its full potential.