Rockledge, FL is a quiet, historic town that has a humid subtropical climate. This climate is influenced by the area’s location near the Gulf Stream of Florida. The region has two major seasonal periods. The first is the hot and raining season from June until September. The dry season lasts from October until May, and the temperatures become relatively mild during this period.

Pest Control

Pest infestations are avoidable when you have a comprehensive lawn care program in practice. Our team is trained and experienced to handle any type of pest infestation in this region. The smallest pests might seem benign at first glance. These pests often become the food supply for more dangerous pests. Some of the larger pests can carry and transmit diseases to humans, for example. Never hesitate to contact our professional pest control team to inspect your property to detect any signs of nesting, burrowing or tunneling.

Our services include extermination of many types of pests:

  • Bees, wasps and hornets
  • Flies, mosquitoes and gnats
  • Ticks, fleas and spiders
  • Silverfish, beetles and ants

Termite Control

Termite control professionals understand how to rapidly identify the signs of a termite infestation. These dangerous pests are capable of causing serious and irreversible damage to the foundation level of your home or business property. In addition, there are several different types of termites that could be infesting your property, and you need to know which species is present to deal with the problem effectively. Periodic termite inspections are critical for homeowners living in the Rockledge, FL area. Located close to the water, Termite infestations are very common in this climate.

Shrub and Tree Care

Benefit from shrub and tree care while controlling pests with lawn care Rockledge. Tree and shrub fertilizers can easily be combined with pest control Rockledge products. Get the lawn appearance you want while also preventing pest infestations. Our service providers have the training, tools and equipment necessary to get the job done right.

Lawn Care Services

Lawn care Rockledge can prevent pests from migrating to your back yard in search of food, water and shelter. The warm climate is inviting for many pests that seek to escape the harsh winters in the northern areas. A bee exterminator specialist might be needed whenever there are poorly maintained lawns. Small insects might build nests in your lawn if the grass isn’t trimmed on a regular basis, for example. Tiny pests might not even be noticeable to the human eye; however, they can rapidly become a regular source of food for larger insects, birds and wildlife.

Locating an Exterminator Near Me

Bio Green of Brevard provides quality pest control products while maintaining the highest standards of customer service. Consider the benefits of working with an established pest exterminator near me. You can find a bee exterminator and other providers to handle all your needs for pest control Rockledge.

Our lawn care Reckledge team is always ready to prevent pest infestations when you call us at (321) 222-3209.