Bio Green of Brevard: Lawn Care Services in Merritt Island, FL

Is your yard anything but vibrant right now? Can you only remember the days when your lawn was thriving and green? If you no longer have time for yard work, turn to Bio Green of Brevard in Merritt Island, FL for lawn care services.

Our natural lawn care company has over 20 years of industry experience. You can trust we have the skills and equipment needed to transform your yard into a sight for sore eyes.

Get a free lawn evaluation

Our goal is to restore vibrance to your landscape, which is why we’re happy to offer free lawn evaluations to the residents of Merritt Island, FL. Once we’ve evaluated your lawn, we’ll determine which lawn care services you’ll need.

We’re a natural lawn care company that always uses high-quality natural products so your yard can get the absolute best treatment. You can hire us for:

  • Tree and shrub maintenance
  • Seasonal lawn care work
  • Soil testing and restoration
  • Soil pH adjustments
  • Natural fertilization treatment
  • Insect, weed, fungus, and disease control

Why Choose BioGreen?

If you’re looking for a the best lawn care service near you and safe for the environment, natural care is your best option.

Ideally, a natural fertilization lawn care service looks at your entire property as a homogeneous system that transcends a bunch of products. We’ll first need to understand your soil type and then use soil-specific natural products to enhance your lawn’s its potential.

At BioGreen of Brevard, our products are made with activated carbon filled with Fulvic and Humic acid that is specially formulated to:

  • Increase soil health
  • Improve soil buffering
  • Decrease soil compaction
  • Decrease excessive shoot growth
  • Encourage root growth
  • Increase turf vigor
  • Help turf color and density
  • Increase soil resistance to diseases and extreme weather conditions.
  • Help recover from summer stress
  • Stimulate root growth

Whether your property needs a complete overhaul or just a few shrubs trimmed, you can count on our natural lawn care company for the job. Call now to schedule expert lawn care services in Merritt Island, FL.

Contact Bio Green of Brevard to schedule your service today!