TEAM BIO GREEN was contracted by Solutions Property Management to provide fertilization services to Plantation Oaks HOA in Titusville, Fl.Since coming onboard, the overall condition of the turf has immensely improved. The homeowners have noticed the difference and we have received many compliments.The Team is comprised of consummate professionals always available to address any questions or concerns of residents.Their “CAN DO, GLAD TO” approach to customer serve is exemplary.Should you require fertilization services I would highly recommend BIO GREEN.
Made my lawn lush green!! Only advice I would give is to give the customer more of a heads up prior to appointment. I will be using Bio Green again for my lawn care needs. Thank you!!
Great place to sit back and relax, beautiful view!
I have only been with this service a few weeks but so far so good, good customer service and prompt service with my grass needs. My first application put on then rained so it probably washed away. Very complimentary to come back and reapply as promised. I am waiting for the outcome on my grass. Sandra
Fabulous service Jeff is a awesome guy gave me good tips too. Love getting rid of pesky varmits that don't belong in my home.
Love this company. The customer service is always above expectations. Jeff's response time is very fast. All of the work he does is covered by warranty and he will come out and ensure you're happy with the results. I recommend him to everyone in the local area.
I have been using Bio Green for several months. I tried fertilizing and weed treatment myself but I was not successful. The lawn looked bad in many areas. The lawn has improved a great deal but because it's summer they can't use a strong weed killer because the heat will burn the lawn. So I've resorted to pulling many of the weeds, especially crab grass which is difficult to kill. Overall I am happy, especially since I have cats and they use least toxic treatment. I should have done this a long time ago.
Our lawn has never looked so good, even when other neighborhood lawns suffer during dry spell. Jeff attends to our lawn with the kind of care as if he has a personal stake in it. The kind of customer service he gives us is exceeded only by how good the lawn looks. We had two lawn care services prior to Jeff and neither came close to quality in care nor customer service. We are constantly complimented on how good the lawn and yard looks. And this is in addition to safe treatments to the landscape and four and two legged critters alike. I highly recommend Bio Green!
For months Bio-Green has been treating our lawn and we are so happy with their services and recommend it to others. Very professional and finally our yard is looking better then it ever was the weeds are controlled and the insect problem we had is under control. Don't hesitate to use Bio-green for disease, insects or weeds.

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